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Profesionālais putekļu sūcējs KRAUSEN ZIP PLUS

Vērtējums: Vēl nav vērtējumu Ražotājs: Krausen E-pasts

Cena ar atlaidi: 312,40 €
Pārdošanas cena bez nodokļa: 312,40 €
Nodokļi: 65,60 €
Pārdošanas cena: 378,00 €


KRAUSEN ZIP PLUS technical specification:

  • Voltage-220 -240V,
  • Frequency- 50Hz,
  • Power - 2000W,
  • Motor Quantity -2pcs,
  • Vacuum – 20kPA,
  • Air Flow - 104 L/s,
  • Motor type – by-pass,
  • Function – wet/dry,
  • Capacity – 70L,
  • Hose diam.- 40,
  • Length of cable - 8 m

MAIN ACCESSORIES 40 MM DIAMETR: long connector, suction hose, short connector, metal tube, dry floor nozzle, wet floor nozzle, sofa nozzle, crevice tool, dust brush.

Feature Descriptions:

  • There is stainless steel tank,solid and durable.
  • The machine can vacuum dust and water.
  • All the suction hoses and accessories made of hight quality material so they are durable.
  • The special design make you change the floor nozzle easily.
  • The appearance is beautiful.
  • Silent motor, with powerful suction and long runtime.
  • Anti-cracking and heatproof top part including motor, waterproof and antistatic.
  • One mobile intake nozzle set specially for higher working efficiency. (for model Krausen Eco Pro)
  • Smart Appearance, high flexibility an stabilization for large wheeled base.
  • Power light to indicate On/Off status.
  • Self-stop device to avoid motor burning after taking too much water. (for model Krausen Eco Pro)
  • Wet and Dry suction functions, suitable for cleaning places such as hotels, workshops, warehouses, restaurants and etc.


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